Strategic Holistic Coaching


Recognizing, Strengthening, and Celebrating the Soul of Today’s Busy Professionals.   




The Method,

What is different between this practice versus other personal/professional development work?

My approach is simple and nuanced, focusing on your values, empowering experiences, transformation that aligns with your personality, emotions, skills, and creative energy.  Attention and time focused on you with reflection, guidance, and strategies, listening to you.

I teach you to look for both synergy and incongruence.  To manage anxiety, frustration, burnout and stress. And to see  how this effects perceptions and decision making. 

This process is psych/soul, right brain/left brain. You’ll become more adept, more skillful in motivating yourself and influencing others.    



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From the Blog

“Today I woke up and decided that today is the day!”

Mindfull approaches offer the antidote to emotional turmoil, stuck and overwhelmed.  You’ll be supported with real-life, doable strategies you can implement.

Coaching with a Psych (research, science of psychology) and Soul (mindful tools) approach provides the sounding board, education, and compassionate support to get you there!